One time my dad warned me not to play my Too Short tape too loudly as it was disrespectful towards woman..he told me that how he chose to regard women was his own personal choice but that he wouldn’t allow his wife (our mother) to be disrespected by nasty rap that objectified ¬†women…after our dad explained his wishes very politely… I continued to play my tape loudly…and after my dad had already explained it politely..he came in like gang busters..broke the tape over his knee and kicked in the speaker..and then he said in a really REAL way..”don’t you ever disrespect your mother again! And if you think it’s your “little homeboys” to disrespect women…..ya….act that way in front of my wife and I’ll put an end to your little punk ass”…we hated him at the time..being children and that I have my own children I don’t have to worry about it like that..I have 2 girls..and the idea of being that way towards wanna be theory..doesn’t bother me…….Fuck..I’m comes the teenage years..parents say your prayers.